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Presentamos nuestra empresa fusionada ZELLA - ZENTEX. Abastecedores de insumos y materias primas para diferentes industrias.


Somos proveedores de  una amplia gama de productos, a través de Importación directa y STOCK, con una trayectoria de 30 años en el mercado, enfocados en la venta de una amplia variedad de materias primas, Insumos y Packaging, para las industrias:

Farmaceutica, Veterinaria, Quimica Industrial, Agroquimicos y Alimenticia.


Representamos a prestigiosas empresas de China, India,  Europa, Y Sud America,  productoras y comercializadoras de productos Farmaceuticos, Alimenticios, Vet, químicos, agro-químicos; entre otros.


Para tener mayor información sobre la historia de nuestra empresa, productos y los sectores que cubrimos, puede revisar las páginas de Productos, Proveedores e Insumos Industria dentro de nuestro sitio web.



Quedamos atentos ante cualquier consulta o interés de requerimiento de cotización.

We present to our new merged company known as ZELLA -ZENTEX, we are supplies and raw materials providers for different industries.


We are suppliers for a wide variety of packaging and other products, through direct import and stock, the company’s main purpose, is to give to our customers the best quality service, which has enabled us to build strong working relationships, since we have been in this market for over 30 years.  We are focused mainly on the sale of a wide variety of raw material, supplies and packaging, conform to the highest quality standards, because they go directly to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, foods, and other industries.


We represent different leading companies from: China, India, Europe, and South America, which manufacture and sell their products for the markets already mentioned.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further Information about our history, product, or about the industrial fields that we cover.

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